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February 09, 2020

    "Name" : "TesshuOhkura",
    "Birthday" : "1992-08-27",
    "PlaceOfBirth" : "Yeosu-Korea",
    "Residense" : "Tokyo-Japan",
    "Occupation" : "SoftwareDeveloper, Student",
    "Marrige" : "Married",
    "Love" : "Skateboarding, Tech, Hiphop, City-Pop, Travel",
    "SKillSets" : "php, java, elasticsearch, cakePHP, linux, AWS, vueJs, gatsbyJs, flutter, growthHacking, bigquery, dataStudio, firebase",
    "Languages" : "Japanse, Korean, Chinese, English",
    "Dreams" : "wanna have my own skate park sometime in the future."

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Written by Tesshu Ohkura who lives and works in Tokyo building useful things. Click Here or the thumbnail to know me more!